Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic Roof

Whatever make your new vehicle may be in O’Fallon, IL, many drivers now have access to a sunroof or moonroof feature, even on standard trims. But what’s the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? Auffenberg Dealer Group covers the basics of the moonroof vs. sunroof distinction and more below!

What’s the Difference Between a Sunroof and a Moonroof?

While both features allow Collinsville and Caseyville drivers to take in fresh air as they are driving, the moonroof vs. sunroof distinction is still meaningful. The difference between a sunroof and moonroof is the following:

  • Sunroof: Generally made of glass or metal, a sunroof is defined by its ability to slide open and/or pop open to reveal the sky.
  • Moonroof: As its name suggests, a moonroof is a piece of tinted glass that slides between the headliner and the roof. You can usually tilt a moonroof open to breathe fresh air from above.

Difference Between Sunroof and Moonroof: Panoramic Roofs

When browsing car features in Bellville, you may have noticed something called a panoramic sunroof or moonroof. Vehicles with panoramic sunroofs are popular because the glass is a multi-paneled, larger screen that presents dazzling views. Many times, you can choose which panels move and open, giving front and rear passengers flexibility — always a plus in an interior feature.

Vehicles with Panoramic Sunroofs and Moonroofs

These days, most higher trim levels on vehicles include a panoramic sunroof or moonroof. But you can also find them as optional add-ons to the standard editions of these vehicles available in East St. Louis:

Kia Sportage Panoramic Moonroof

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Now, you can answer when someone asks you, “What’s the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof?” You can also learn the difference between a coupe and sedan. O’Fallon, IL drivers can find tons of makes and models with either feature in our new vehicle and used vehicle inventory at Auffenberg Dealer Group If you’re still curious about the difference between a sunroof and moonroof or have any other questions, contact us today!

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