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Join us! We’re a community of YES’ers. We say YES to adventure! Life has a lot to offer and we want you to see it! Let us show you! It’s fun and comradery among like-minded individuals, we foster finding the beauty in built vehicles and big adventures. Our goal is to build a sense of community that fosters time with each other and spread the love and knowledge of the outdoors! Join us! Prebuilt for you for maximum fun! Get a custom build without the headache and with all the discounts. We take our team of experts and design BIG LIFTS, BIG FUN. Get a unique look. 

Lifted Vehicle FAQ’s

Can I lease a lifted vehicle?  Yes. In many cases the lift can be residualized into the lease which means the manufacturer covers part of the cost for you.


Can I customize my offroad vehicle? Yes. We offer a broad variety of lifts, wheels, and accessories. You can choose to do as much or as little customizing you want.


Does the lift void my warranty? No. The lifts we use keep your factory warranty in place.


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Off-Road Courses

Hillbillie Offroad:

Jerseyville, IL

45 minutes from O’Fallon

$20 on the weekends

40 miles of trails

South Fork Dirt Riders:

Taylorville, IL

90 minutes from O’Fallon

Desel’s Mud Ranch:

Royalton, IL

90 minutes from O’Fallon

$20 -$40

300 acres

A and M Offroad Park:

Bismarck, MO

90 minutes from O’Fallon

$25 on the weekends

Moonlight Racing Offroad Park:

Sullivan, MO

90 minutes from O’Fallon

Let’s Go Nutz:

Foley, MO

90 minutes from O’Fallon

$10 for 12 and up/pp

100 Acres

Little Lost Creek:

Warrenton, MO

90 minutes from O’Fallon

Free – it’s a road/conservation area

Wrights Off Road Park:

Royalton, IL

90 minutes from O’Fallon

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