How Long Does it Take to Charge an Electric Car?

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Parked in Front of Home

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of all-electric vehicles around O'Fallon, but just how long does it take to charge an electric car? Electric car charging time depends on the method that you use. Just like your cell phone can be charged using different methods, EV charging is also very flexible. Let’s get into the basics of electric car charging time with Auffenberg Dealer Group, and check out our EV and hybrid inventory while you’re here!

Electric Car Charging Methods

While electric vehicle technology innovates every single day, there are three primary methods to charge your car:

  • Public EV Charging Station: When you’re out and about in O'Fallon, be on the lookout for public charging stations at popular spots like malls, hotels, and apartment buildings.
  • Domestic Outlet Home Charging: A standard normal three-prong (grounded) 110V/120V charging outlet (also called Level 1 Charging) can be used to top off your charge overnight, though it’s a slower method.
  • Brand-Approved Home Charging: If you want to bring down your electric car charging time at home, a Level 2 Charging station can be professionally installed in your garage for extra convenience.

Popular Electric Car Charging Times

So, how long does it take to charge a car? It depends on both your method and your particular vehicle. Here are a few of the most popular EV models, so you can get a sense of the electric car charging times at home and at a public charging station.

Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid: 610-mile range (full charge and full tank of gas)

  • EPA Time to Charge Battery (at 240V): 2.6 hours
  • Electricity Range: 26 miles

Kia Niro EV: 239-mile range

  • Compatible 50 kW DC Fast Chargers: 80% charge in 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Level 2 (240 V) Chargers: Approximately 9-10 hours for a 100% charge

Nissan LEAF: 150-mile range

  • Home Charging: 8 hours (Nissan home charger, 100%)
  • Public Charging: 40 minutes (DC Quick Charging, 80% charge)

Learn More about EV Technology with Auffenberg Dealer Group

Whether you want to test drive a new EV model or ask about Level 2 Charging station installation, the team at Auffenberg Dealer Group is here to help. Contact us with any questions or peruse our online shopping tool to start browsing from your East St. Louis living room!

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